Going to California for a few days!

Just wanted to say good bye before I left for a few days to visit my family and friends in California! I am hoping for good weather in LA!

Very sleepy, so just a few thoughts:
-Our DC weather has been crazy. We finally got a gorgeous few days this weekend but it was 80 degrees on Sunday! Where is my cool, crisp autumn weather?
-50/50 great movie!
-I am waiting for peak fall, so I can go check out fall foliage!
-This time I am spending 4ish 5 days in California and I'm going to try to photograph more!! Food food food!
-Oh yeah, we are going to South Africa for 3 weeks in 1.5 months!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYA

While we had super sunshine on Sunday, I really wanted to catch some fall foliage but my walk around the neighborhood wasn't too fruitful. Not to mention the harsh lighting!  The colors are definitely turning though. Very excited.

Good night.

Watching the Last Man Standing - Tim Allen is in it and so far so good!!! Reminds me of the good times of Tim the tool man Taylor!!!