Cider donuts and complaints about the U.S.

SO. Donuts or my complaints first?
Hmm..I usually like good news first. Let's talk about donuts then!!
Yesterday was the Takoma Park Street Festival and even though it was COLD (40ish degrees), drizzling, and gloomy, I was excited to visit the festival!  I went determined to get a limeade fizz because the one I got last year was so good.  After a loop around the festival wishing I had another jacket, I decided I couldn't get a cold drink.  (Summer, it really is good bye. Autumn, where are you?  Winter, you are WAY early!).  Sure I was disappointed that I was without my fizzy drink but that was when I came upon Mac's Donuts.  I was mesmerized with the little machine that flips donuts on its own!!! A stick-o-donut and a hot apple cider after, ICM and I were happy campers.  Both items were served pipping hot and they were deliciouis.  Donuts and powdered sugar, you really can't go wrong. 

The cool machine! Sorry, not the greatest photo.

Why does this photo look so drab? Because the weather WAS drab...Thank you for cheering me up in this crap weather, Mac Donuts.

Our stick-o-donuts :)

Alright, after a happy note, let's talk about my disappointment-of-the-day.

This is how I feel about the U.S. today...not so great.

At the gym today, while I intended on reading about Leonardo DiCapprio, I came across an article about migrant workers and illegal immigrants who are hired to pick blueberries in Maine and I couldn't stop reading.  The article told a more personal story about a father and his two the same time, it did a great job providing facts about the industry and migrant workers. I especially liked this article because it pointed out an irony of a town that attracts tourism for its blueberry festival as well as uses blueberry as its own identiy.  YET the migrant workers who make this happen are often alienated and treated as second class.  The article also pointed out the fact that these migrant factors did not steal jobs, they picked up jobs that were abandoned by whites.  Most, if not all fruit picking in the United States is dependent on migrant workers, 50% of which are illegal immigrants.  These people contribute greatly to the U.S.'s economy but we give them no way to obtain legal citizenship. Reading the article reminded me of how unfair this all is and how horrible some people are!!!  The next time you eat fruit, think about who picked it and what you are doing to them.  If the country thinks that these people should have no rights in the United States, then we need to stop exploiting them by paying them next to nothing!!!  If you are not voicing your concerns, you are also condoning this behavior.  And if you don't think anything of it and do nothing about it, you are sort of like a slave driver.  In a lot of ways, people who are anti-immigration are like slave drivers because they are exploiting people who have no where to go and are doing this to meet bare living requirements.  Where is the god damn humanity???