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Film Friday - A Berry Summer Edition

I am cracking up over my title...can you guess what I'm going to be posting about?!

This summer feels like the best summer yet.  The kids are at such a fun age and it is beginning to be really fun having special outings with them!  If you asked me to name five things that I love about summer, then I would answer: cold brew, strawberries, peaches, watermelon, and pool.  We are slightly too early for peaches but this post contains all the rest.  We are loving our summer so far - strawberry picking, going to petting zoo birthday parties, and the pool.  Enjoy the photos :)

A mix of Fuji400H + 1 and Portra400. All developed by the FIND lab.



*Po Chi Fung is a Washington DC and MD lifestyle and documentary family photographer serving Silver Spring, Takoma Park, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Rockville, and Potomac


Meet Tiger, my parents' cat

Hello!!!!  First of all, Happy Lunar New Year (I know it was actually on Monday but I still need to do my greeting!).  I wish you all a prosperous, healthy, and happy year of the Dragon!  ICM and I were in California to spend Lunar New Year with my family - something that I used to do every year religiously till the year I moved East, so it was extra nice to spend time with them during the occasion.  A lot of food was consumed  and mahjong was played - good times!  I spent most of my time trying to make my parents' new cat, Tiger, love me more.  Tiger is the cutest and I am thoroughly convinced that I have the potential to be an old cat lady one day .  After four days at home, I have a ridiculous amount of photos of Tiger and here are some of them :) 

This one is my absolute favorite for obvious reasons I think!

And if you really want to know why I love Tiger, it's because he loves sleep as much as I do!

Anyways, as you can see, I am smitten...and apologies if you thought this post was actually going to be interesting. HA!!!

Going to California for a few days!

Just wanted to say good bye before I left for a few days to visit my family and friends in California! I am hoping for good weather in LA!

Very sleepy, so just a few thoughts:
-Our DC weather has been crazy. We finally got a gorgeous few days this weekend but it was 80 degrees on Sunday! Where is my cool, crisp autumn weather?
-50/50 great movie!
-I am waiting for peak fall, so I can go check out fall foliage!
-This time I am spending 4ish 5 days in California and I'm going to try to photograph more!! Food food food!
-Oh yeah, we are going to South Africa for 3 weeks in 1.5 months!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYYA

While we had super sunshine on Sunday, I really wanted to catch some fall foliage but my walk around the neighborhood wasn't too fruitful. Not to mention the harsh lighting!  The colors are definitely turning though. Very excited.

Good night.

Watching the Last Man Standing - Tim Allen is in it and so far so good!!! Reminds me of the good times of Tim the tool man Taylor!!!

Happy Moon Festival!

Happy Moon Festival aka Mid-Autumn Festival!  The festival takes place every year on the 15th day of the eighth month in the Chinese Calendar every year.  I don't really remember the history of the Moon festival, so it might be best to google if you are interested...hmm...I should study.

Even though I can't tell you how this all started, this is one of my favorite Chinese festivals and celebrations.  I remember walking around the streets when we lived in Hong Kong with our own lanterns. They're like the ones I've photographed but we would always hang them a stick so we can walk around.  The street would be filled with kids with lanterns and other festive decorations.  We also had these colored cellophane paper lanterns that were see through and they'd be in different shapes like a fish or a rooster.  Of course, when people became more "modern" we got lanterns that were essentially blow up plastic toys (like Hello Kitty, Megaman, etc) that would light up and play music when we press the on button.

It's not just the lanterns that make this one of my favorite occasions but really the tradition of having a big meal, hanging lanterns, eating mooncakes (a chinese pastry made specially for this festival), eating fruits, drinking tea, and spending quality time with your family.  It is about togetherness and it is about celebrating the full moon.  Think Thanksgiving...Chinese style!

Of course, it being a big Chinese celebration entitles it to a feast, which my dad cooks every year.   But since I am not home, I had to make up for it with my not-as-great-as-my-dad's cooking and had to hang lanterns myself!!!  ICM missed this two years in a row now!!  But that's okay!!! Next year!  We can hang 20 lanterns :)

Well, whether or not you celebrate the Moon Festival, I hope you're spending quality time with your loved ones :)

Hmm. What else?  It's been a while since I've posted something from school.  We finished up Introduction to Photography and Composition, and now we're on Digital Workflow and Studio Lighting.  For Studio Lighting last week, the theme was glass.  I brought in a bottle of Izze soda and when I was paying at Starbucks, I saw this mini pink donut that I thought would go great with the soda.  I just really like the colors. This was one of the takes out of the camera...the only adjustment/edit I made was cropping.  So much to learn!

 All right.  Have a wonderful week!!!!

P.S.  I am again addicted to old Jay Chou songs. Love love love.

Have a great weekend!

Yup, it is Thursday morning and I am preparing for an awesome weekend already.  Jazz Fest, here we come!!!

Leaving you with one photo I took of the beautiful trees I had blooming along my block.  Are they cherry trees?  If these trees teach you anything, then it'd be that beauty is fleeting because all of its beautiful flowers fell off within a week, so enjoy everything while it lasts, feel grateful even if you only had it momentarily, make the best of it, and cherish those moments forever :)