I am sorry, I went missing again...

I know that last time I had said I wouldn't go MIA again and promised to be more discipline...but obviously, it didn't quite work out...so I am sorry!

I really have no idea where time has been going except it just feels like it's moving super fast, there is a ton of things to do, and I haven't been able to process everything! Very quick recap though:  California was awesome (i.e. spent time with family and friends AND ate a ton of food, ICM survived!)!

I had a great time photographing...it was so awesome to have a change of scenery from DC :)  Here are some photos from the beach (I love you, Pacific Ocean), lunch at the San Pedro Seafood Market

We got to experience the crazy fog that set in all of a sudden while we were at Venice Beach!

Oh yeah, and I am SO HAPPY to report that I finally had Ricky's Fish Tacos! I want one now.

Ying Ying took us to the Bowers Museum to see a really interesting exhibit which featured Terra Cotta soldiers and items from the different Chinese dynasties.  I wish we had more time but go check it out!

Lastly, here's a small glimpse on what I ate while I was home :)