About Me

A little about me...the cliff notes version

I love funny people. Jack Handey is my hero. 

I love to travel and eat delicious food and can out eat most men.

I am rough around the edges.

I love photographing on film because it forces me to slow down and shoot intentionally and more meaningfully.

I'm obsessed with documenting people doing what they love to do.  

It is nice to meet you.

Photo by Erin Scabuzzo

Photo by Erin Scabuzzo

I'm Po Chi and I am a Ventura County newborn and family photographer.  My keep-me-level-headed husband, my spunky and awesome daughter, and my snuggly toddler are at the very top of the list of things I love most. Though a CA native, my family and I actually just relocated from Washington DC and have been loving sunny blue skies and being able to shout hello to the Pacific Ocean a few times a week. 

I am going to be super honest here. I'm not your typical family photographer - I am not the super sweet bubbly type who loves everyone on this dear sweet earth. (By the way, there is nothing wrong with being that way). What I am though is easy going, relaxed, pretty funny, completely imperfect, sometimes a little judgmental if you tell me you don't love desserts, and look tough but totally the type who sobbed at my baby's first haircut.

My parents taught me to value family, good friends, generosity, hard work, integrity, and passion above all other things.  I do and I appreciate all the things created and driven by those values.  I love people who are genuine, kind, and funny and basically try to stay away from the rest because life is too short! Questions for me? Hit the button right here!

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