Meet Tiger, my parents' cat

Hello!!!!  First of all, Happy Lunar New Year (I know it was actually on Monday but I still need to do my greeting!).  I wish you all a prosperous, healthy, and happy year of the Dragon!  ICM and I were in California to spend Lunar New Year with my family - something that I used to do every year religiously till the year I moved East, so it was extra nice to spend time with them during the occasion.  A lot of food was consumed  and mahjong was played - good times!  I spent most of my time trying to make my parents' new cat, Tiger, love me more.  Tiger is the cutest and I am thoroughly convinced that I have the potential to be an old cat lady one day .  After four days at home, I have a ridiculous amount of photos of Tiger and here are some of them :) 

This one is my absolute favorite for obvious reasons I think!

And if you really want to know why I love Tiger, it's because he loves sleep as much as I do!

Anyways, as you can see, I am smitten...and apologies if you thought this post was actually going to be interesting. HA!!!