Need to find my rhythm again...

This coming week is going to be all about finding my rhythm again.  The last two weeks felt chaotic and out of my control.  Being sick meant I hardly cooked, hardly exercised, and hardly photographed...shame on me.  I swear I was getting better at Kettle Bell too!   It's time to get back into things.

So it's been a while since I last visited Sidebar and on Friday, a bunch of people went and we had a good time.  I remember mentioning the fact that their service slowed down a lot with one person doing both bartending, waiting, and serving...but on Friday, they had 2 wait staff and service was dramatically better.  Good for them and that made us happy customers.  By the way, they've really changed up their drinks and food menu and I found a new drink I like but in my book, nothing beats the sloe gin fizz and thank goodness they're still willing to make it :)

I'm not sure when I'll get sick of photographing'll probably be after you're sick of seeing these photos. 

Looking forward to heading to the Takoma Park Street Festival in an hour or so...but for now, back to reading "Plate to Pixel" - great book so far!!!  

Bye Bye.