I have an excuse...I've been sick..

Hello!!  Sorry I have been MIA!!! Unlike other times where I was just lazy and not disciplined, this time I have a valid excuse! I swear.  I don't get sick often (knock on wood) but this cold really sucked.  I was fatigued, snotty, headachy, and sadly, SLOW!  I hope you don't get it!  I'm happy to report that I am feeling much better and almost back to normal.

As a sickie, these were some of the insightful thoughts that crossed my mind and I wanted to share them with you...
  1. I didn't think I could love sleep more...but I did/do. 
  2. I love lemon/lime with honey.  YUM.
  3. I love porridge. YUM YUM YUM.
  4. Next time ICM gets sick, I am going to have to stay away for self-preservation sake. HA!  At the very least, I'll make sure to leave a big pot of porridge and an ample supply of tea and lemons.

Alright, sharing a few more photos from H Street.  Hopefully more material soon.  The weather really hasn't been cooperative or inspiring.

Below:  This was where I got my bbq that was photographed in the last H street post.  DELICIOUS.  The line was the longest at the whole festival and it was worth every minute I stood there!

I love corn!!!  What I had:  Corn with chili butter. 
This past corn season was good here but corn in Ohio was really the best. 
One reason to love the mid-west :)

So blown out/overexposed...but somehow, the photo works for me...

Sorry for those who can't stand the sight of porky's head!  On the right = roast pork lollipop!

Yeah, I'm a dork...couldn't resist taking a photo in that cool little mirror.

Have a good rest of the weekend!!!  And up those vitamins!