T-2 Days!!

This morning I woke up with a mission...to pick up my prints and my portfolio book at Penn Camera as soon as the store opened.  The metro ride downtown was a breeze...early...not too many people, actually relaxing.  Sadly, the ride from Chinatown back to Silver Spring was horrendous!!!  The metro station was humid, tons of people on both platforms, no trains came by for 15 minute except a "no passenger train."  It caused a lot of stress.  As I stared across the platform where TONS of people were pushing past each other to get on the train or to get out of the station, I thought...is that my blood pressure going up???  OH NO. How do these people deal with this EVERYDAY???  At that moment, I was super thankful that I live in Takoma and my commute consists of 1 metro stop.  Thank goodness. 

Commuters.  Just looking at them stresses me out.

On a brighter note...one of the houses on my street has a beautiful garden out front.  Included are 2 gigantic sunflowers on the side walk and I've been eyeing them since I saw the 2 big flower buds.

My favorite of all the others.
Notice the cool spirals in the center!

Another great news is I turned in both of my final projects today!!!  I get a 2 week break now.  YIPPIE!!!!  On my walk home tonight, I saw this kid with his headphones underneath a bunch of street lamps and couldn't help but take a picture.  At that moment, I kind of wanted to be him...


Tomorrow is Friday and ICM will be back in T-2!!!