T-1 Days! So glad it's Friday.

If I had to summarize what this week at work was like, then I only have three letters for you "WTF?"
For the first time in my adult life, someone said "Screw You" to me in a work place even though I was only trying to be nice. I've had to work with multiple incompetent and inefficient human beings this week (which isn't a rare occasion) but these people were also confrontational and also obviously suffered some sort of entitlement issues.  In addition, today I was reminded of how much I cannot stand dishonesty...so let me just vent a little bit.  I HATE IT, I HATE IT, and if I think you are a dishonest person, then please remove yourself from my sight because I don't like you and I no longer respect you...especially if you lie for self gain and do it even if you know you are doing something wrong.  SO DISGUSTING.  And no, I will not keep silent and condone this kind of behavior!!!!!!

Because of all these people...I've had to remind myself over and over again this week: "For every crap person out there, there is an extraordinary and awesome person there as well."  Thank goodness school kept me occupied most of this week and took my mind off of these things...I can't imagine behind more annoyed...

To put this behind me for the wonderful upcoming weekend and so I can be ready for T-0 days, I decided to select photos that make me happy!  Going through my files, I realized I never posted photos from our trip to San Francisco and Glen Ellen from back in November.  I picked a couple of my favorites and here they are.

Photos from the Little Red Barn - one of my most favorite places in this world. When I used to live in Glen Ellen, I loved going to the Red Barn to pick up leafy greens with poppy petals.  I miss those days!

The office I worked at in Glen Ellen was right across from a Sonoma State Park pictured below..
how lucky was I, huh? 

I love lavender.  My goal is to do a photo shoot at a lavender farm!!!  Too bad I missed their bloom this year.  Lavender melts all stress away. Really!

And how can I be in a bad mood in the presence of a sweet sweet dog.  :)  Too bad it's not mine!

Going to go make myself some Tranquil Herb Tea now.