T-3 Days! (Yes, I failed..no T-4 post)

So yes, I failed my own challenge on the 8th day.  RIDICULOUS!  Perhaps I really am incapable of doing the 365 days photo-a-day challenge :(

<--I'm not happy about this and this is precisely how I feel about my failure!!  Thank you to the two people who called me out on it...this is a good thing...there needs to be accountability in this world!!!

To be honest, I am a little tired of posting photos from my projects since I've been staring at them for too many hours.  I miss the ocean right now, so I picked a few photos from Costa Rica. 

I want to be where that guy is standing. 

It's not super clean water...but I'll take that right now anyways. I just want to be OUTSIDE!

And to anyone who might be dabbling in a little bit of bird watching...GOOD LUCK :)

I think I took this when I was at the Monteverde Cloud Forest in 2007.  I miss Costa Rica SO MUCH.

All of these were taken with my Canon Powershot IS2...I loved that camera!

It's 07:38PM, I am super sleepy.  So good night!