Lovely simple days

I don't know when it was that I started appreciating the simple and peaceful days more and more.  Those awesomely good days don't have to take place anywhere crazy, glamorous, or even beautiful.  Fulfilling good days could be extremely simple - sitting on the couch for a cup of home made coffee, it could be eating  blueberry muffins together fresh out of the oven, it could be going grocery shopping.  Those beautiful moments can happen anytime and anywhere when you appreciate what you have and know how lucky you are to have it.  Loss is indeed possible.  So if you do love something or someone, always feel lucky to have it/them (even on bad days,especially on bad days) and don't forget to show it.  You just never know. 

And yes, ICM and I went blueberry picking this weekend :)

I love love love my lovely simple days.