I Love Boston

ICM and I had a wonderful time two weekends ago in Boston staying at Neil and Daphne's BBBBB "BBQ, Booze, Badminton, Bread, and Breakfast."  Daphne+Neil, thank you so much for such a wonderful time!!!  Can't wait to see you guys and the cats again soon!

As I had written before, a visit to Daphne and Neil always mean awesome rib-eye hamburgers, great cocktails, croissants from my most beloved Iggy's, and most awesome of all, a lot of laughs with Daphne and Neil and great company from the cats Brownie and Bootie!  This time smoked ribs and my favorite dishes from Shanghai Gate were also squeezed into the weekend.  I am not joking when I say that I gained more than 5 pounds from 2 days of non-stop eating.  This trip was also ICM's first time in Boston, so even though we didn't do a whole lot of touristy stuff, it was really nice walking through the city, wandering around, and admiring the charm that is the City of Boston.  Love love love love love!

Did I mention the super gorgeous weather????

I love Iggy's!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

They really make the best croissants - Flaky on the outside, fluffy and buttery on the inside, yummmmmmm

 Onto another amazing food item of the weekend - rib eye hamburgers.  They are DELICIOUS, flavorful and juicy!  With brioche buns from Iggy's, Daphne's awesome caramelized onions, they really beat any restaurant made hamburgers!  Here's a photo of these 1/2 pounds plump patties...unfortunately I botched the photo of the assembled product, major FAIL.  That's what I get for taking a photo too quickly and decided not to re-take even though I knew the lighting wasn't so great because I wanted to start eating.  BLAH, time and time again, the fatty in me beats the photographer in me. I am going to try to fix it somehow, so stay tuned...

Ending the post with two of my favorite cats, Brownie & Bootie, they are the cutest!

Good night!