flan...butterflies....just can't think of a title.

Sorry for being MIA!  I've been busy preparing myself for ICM's departure for his 5 week trip.  HA! And perhaps much to his dismay, this means me becoming 'slightly' more needy than I usually am but I try to offset that by cooking a ton and fattening him up via prime rib, cookies, Daphne's most amazing & simple corn dish AND her flan (below...yeah, the window edge is dirty, err)!!! Hope that works!

With all this extra time I have on my hands now, this means you might be seeing more blog posts than you ever wanted to!!!  Of course, this entirely depends on school and homework.  Speaking of which, our assignment for composition this week is to shoot 15 macro shots.  I bought close-up filters since I didn't have a macro lens but I don't like it  because it makes the pictures all soft (no detail etc).  Lucky for me, Peter has a macro lens and with that came a fun plan to go to Brookside garden and the Butterfly exhibit to do some macro shots!!!  It was a lot of fun walking around with Peter and his wife, Sharon.  Of course, one of the best parts was going to eat at the Korean food court at H mart after perspiring a ton inside the butterfly exhibit.  If you haven't been, go, it's great!

Here are some shots from today.  The great part about assignments from school nowadays is that they ask you not to post process, so it's made me think a lot more about really getting it right when I take the photo.  At least I try to.  All the photos you see here are straight from the camera, no post-processing; with the exception of increasing the brightness a tad in the photos of the purple flowers.  Saves so much time, haha. 


Peter, thanks for letting me use the lens!!