2012 Year in Review

2012, how you've WOWed me.

I kicked you off with a quiet New Year's day starting with waffles my boyfriend made me.  After 364 days, I say good bye to you with an awesome husband and a baby on the way.

So much has happened this year that most people would consider us kind of insane.  In 365 days, I became a homeowner, car owner, wedding planner, a wife, a  U.S. Citizen, and a mom-to-be; and really, most of that happened in about 6 months.  Thankfully, I also got to travel a lot this year, YAY YAY YAY:  Philadelphia, Seattle, Los Angeles x 2, New York x 2, New Orleans, Boston, West Virginia several times, and Japan for three weeks.  The Japan trip was especially special not just because I've always wanted to go to Japan but because I got to go with ICM and learned why the country continues to be so special to him after all these years.

I am so lucky because I am surrounded by great friends and family and even though I've known that all along, I felt it so much more this year because of the overwhelming support everyone has given us during the wedding.  My friends and family made the wedding so memorable and I'm so thankful!

Here are some of my favorite photos from this year:

Aside from a lot of studio photography early this year, I also got a taste of what it's like to second shoot a wedding.  Let's just say that it is tiring and requires a lot of hard work.  People, be nice to your wedding photographers.

Oh yes, MD has legalized gay marriage. 
Wedding planning at its best.  
Tiger, you're so cool.  
The two most important men in my life testing the DIY photo booth at the wedding.  Classy.

NYC with our bump!
I swear they gave us this flag, I didn't bring my own!

Best pork buns I've ever had.

Watching sumo with my some of my favorite people!

A froggy backpack for our daughter.
Life is so good.
West Virginia!

I have high hopes for 2013 though I expect that ICM and I will experience it as sleep-deprived first time parents.  We are so excited to see what's in store for us.

Here's to an awesome 2013!!!