Happy Thanksgiving!!!

Hi! Happy Thanksgiving! I'm back!

So many things to be extra thankful this year and so much to recap on this blog.  This photograph was taken in Japan.  People usually purchase these tags already written for specific prayers and wishes or they can write on it themselves and they leave it at shrines in hopes that it will come true.  While we saw a good number of these, at this one particular place, the tags filled the holder!  I was especially drawn because of the only word that I could really read, which is the one in pink, and that tag says "thankful."

As much as I complain vocally all the time, I also spend (I think) an equivalent amount of time reflecting on how lucky I've been all my life.  This year has been amazing and I hope it stays that way.  I'm thankful for a lot of things but this year, there are several things that I wanted to give a shout out to.  Supportive and wonderful friends and family - something that I feel constantly but was overwhelmed by the amount and power of it (in a good way) during our wedding; a great spouse who I can count on, someone who spoils me but also keeps me accountable in being a good and responsible person; a sister who I consider my best friend and makes me wish that everyone had a sister so that more people in world would be mentally sane; all of my adventures, our latest being Japan; and lastly, a baby girl on the way!  I seriously can't ask for more.

I hope you'll have a wonderful Thanksgiving too!!!!!

Here's a photo from the top of "Joyama" in Tsushima :)