still adjusting...hmm.

I've been procrastinating with sorting and processing photos...75% of the reason is because I'm trying to get back on a routine...25% is because I find myself confused as I'm walking around as to why I am here and not in South Africa.  Anyhow...

Took this last weekend when I dragged ICM to the Farmer's Market.  The colors of the bunch of chard is so pretty, especially against a wintery drabby back drop.  Who knew chard could be so beautiful?? I did buy a bunch and made a vegetable soup from Cookbooks 101, link right here:  Only now did I realize I had forgotten the ginger, oops.

Heading out of town tomorrow and hope to really get back in the swing of things.  Photos from SA to come, promise promise promise.

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!