mentally adjusting.


It's been exactly a week since I've returned from my trip to South Africa...and I miss it A LOT.  Mountains beyond mountains, safaris, beautiful coast line, nice people, great food, grilling all the time, cheap but awesome wines...what else can we ask for??  The danger in taking a three and a half week vacation is that it starts to feel like reality after a while, so it becomes an even bigger shocker when you find yourself sitting in your no-sunlight cubicle.  That was me on Monday...yuck.  Since then, school started, real life started back up..not to mention the fact that Christmas is just around the corner, ahhhhh.  I am not prepared for 2011 to end.  Maybe that's a sign of a great year?  :)  Excited for some down time to think about 2011 and sort out all the photos I want to post to show you!

Anyhow, a short post as I mentally adjust to being back and getting back into the routine.  This is a place called "Beach Camp" in Paternoster, SA that we stayed at.  This is taken inside our A frame hut right on the beach.  Very hippie commune like but boy is it a beautiful location.

Good night.