Let’s see. What’s happening in the World? Last Friday, Standard & Poor downgraded the U.S. credit rating, which removed USA's perfect triple-A designation for the first time in history. CRAZY STUFF. And since then, that’s all that’s really been talked about. Oh yeah, that and the stock market crashing :( because of the downgrading, and of course the finger pointing that is happening on the Hill. What I haven’t seen explained much are the long term impacts from being downgraded. What is going to happen to us common folks? Maybe I’m burnt out but hearing this talked about all day on the news is tiring to me…and perhaps this makes me sound really pathetic, but I prefer to watch Saved by the Bell right now because it is much more relaxing.

On another note, I am growing increasingly tired of myself for not enjoying work as much as I used to…lately, there is just this dreadful feeling.  I think I'm inching closer and closer to really being sick of it and maybe the tipping point to finding an exit is just around the corner!

At this moment I know that I need to keep moving forward and somehow things will fall into place, I know they will because they have to! In the meanwhile,  we must all focus on things that make us happy...like eating Nando Peri Peri chicken AND froyo for lunch...of course that experience is made infinitely better and more special if you can share it with someone cool like you!

I love their mashed potatoes with their spicy sauces..yummmm