Finally it's Friday

Cheers to a Happy Friday! And hopefully a better week next week!

Not going to lie, this week was the kind of week that made me really look forward to Friday.  But instead of complaining like I have been doing the last few days (on and off the blog), I am going to focus on the positives and things that I'm thankful for.  Here they are in bullet format!
  • My coffee maker in the morning has been back for almost a week now!!!  Coffee delivered to bed? YES PLEASE :) Thank YOU!
  • Sidebar...sure their service has been rather slow (mostly because they seem to be extremely under-staffed), but their drinks continue to be delicious and their decor continues to be an inspiration.
  • People who go to Sidebar with me...they listen to me bitch and they tell me funny and sometimes tragic stories.  
  • An awesome meet up with an old friend of a friend...sometimes, you meet people who are super beautiful inside and out and they blow you away - genuine, kind, loving, funny, and smart.  It was so fun to just catch up and learn more about each others' lives. So thankful to meet people like that in my life!!
  • And of course...good food!!!  Highlights this week:  Jaleo (I love you, Duck Confit)...and home cooking!

More photos from Sidebar!

Cooking seems to be therapeutic for me, so on Thursday, when I needed a break from being annoyed and wanted something like Hainan Chicken, I decided to make it!  Here's a recipe if you're interested in trying (click for link)

I love shallots.  Yes, that's a whole chicken submerged in ice water...

Lastly...a quote for you :)
Albert Einstein said, "Life is like riding a bicycle.  To keep your balance, you must keep moving!"  Okay, I added the exclamation mark myself....and I should have taken a photo of a moving bicycle to better illustrate the quote...but I really liked the pink handle bars.

Have a great weekend, everybody!