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The ordinary - something I already knew that I should not and cannot take for granted. Yet, in light of daily, hourly NPR stories and news articles about the on-going devastated state that many parents are in due to family separations, I am extra thankful and grateful for our everyday ordinariness. But I also wonder as I hear mothers sob on the radio, why the F should this be such a luxury? So, for those of us who have it, let's embrace our ordinary, let's remember it, and let's help those who don't. 

With our move to another house in Ventura, it's been hard finding time and energy to pick up my camera and shoot personal work but I always try to squeeze a few frames here and there in. I'll be honest that when I opened up my film scans from the lab, I thought, "Oh god, what are these photos, couldn't I have made cooler shots?"  Later that afternoon, I started to feel overwhelmed and realize how glad I was to have these photographs. These photos authentically represent our lives as it is right now - summer, swim lessons, lots of snacks, our pizza movie nights on Fridays, their non-stop shenanigans, and our new house. 

They might not be beautiful portraits at glowy golden hour at the beach or atop of a mountain but they are the most beautiful part of my memory. And this is why I will always advocate for family and newborn sessions in your home - portraits yes but also details of your lives. And if you can't hire a photographer, then I beg you to please, please photograph your ordinary with whatever you have, get in the frame, and print them out. They will become our treasures.

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