Letters to Evie and Max - March 2018 | Life Lately | Ventura Family Photographer

Dear Kids,

Time doesn't seem to slow down, does it? It is kind of like the two of you, unless the TV is on! March 9th marks our first anniversary of the start of our road trip across the USA to Ventura - the day we packed up our amazing Honda Fit and the two portable DVD player screens that kept our family together and sane for the next 9 days. And in just a year, we are planning a real birthday party for Evie, preschool friends in tow. Mama and Baba have not done nearly as well on the making friends part as the two of you have and we miss our friends in DC so so much. BUT, every morning on my drive to work next to the sparkling ocean, I mumble to myself "oh gosh, we are so lucky to be here." 

Things have been crazy busy. I am still adjusting to my new work schedule and trying to perfect the cocktail that is part day job, part photography, part mama, part chef, part partner-in-crime for your Baba, and even attempting to build in some self-care. But if I am being completely honest, I am slowly coming to terms that there is no perfect cocktail. It is 110% likely that it'll always be just a tad off but definitely fulfilling, and just one of those things where the process counts as much as the final product. 

Evie, thank you. Lately, every time I lose my temper because Max is being extra naughty, you've been there to remind me (though condescendingly sometimes) that I should be nice and even helping with him. When I saw you walk up to comfort your crying brother, I felt comforted and happy that you two have each other. At the end of the day and at the end of all the fights over toys you guys don't even really care to play with, you guys have each others' backs. You are growing really tall, which makes sense because a few nights ago you inhaled one hot dog and 1.5 shredded chicken sandwich at record time. You have been loving yoga and does not hesitate to show me that you can do the tree pose better than I can. You are also just so damn witty and an incredible negotiator, all before age 5...my favorite, "Mama, can I have this snack? It is healthy! Can we go ride our bikes, dad? It's important we get exercise!" You genuinely rock and I am terrified for all the fights we are going to have. I am going to start taking some debate classes just in case.

Max. You have been such a riot but for every ounce of trouble you are, you dish out double the sweetness and warmth. You've continued rocking using the potty. Your knack for just going with the flow and not overthinking things amazes me; you just do whatever is fun! When you are upset, you'll declare that you are mad. If you're too mad to do that, then you'll walk away, sit on the ground, wrap your arms around your body with knees bent up, and you'll go "HM" firmly and loudly. If I was smarter, then I would know that you, of course, would be as stubborn as the rest of your family. Alas, karma is a b*tch. HA. You love hiding your favorite toys under your pillow to keep them safe, you are fearless on your scooter, and you love being snuggled. You are funny like your je je and a fierce competitor in "sandwich," a game that you guys should only play with your father because it is too rough for your tiny mother. 

You guys make my life so incredibly fun and even though I need a get away every once in a while, I hope you know how much I adore you two. 

Love you guys forever,