Letters to our Children | June

Dear Children, you guys are hilarious and sometimes a bit insane...

Evie, you crack me up every day. That other day, when your Baba asked you why you didn't nap at school, you replied, "My eyes are dead, they were resting." I must admit that I said WTF out loud, laughed, and then made a mental note that we need to somehow incorporate those words in a song for your future rock n roll band.  You also called your father garbage recently and when we discussed this topic further, you looked me firmly in the eyes are said, "But some people ARE garbage, right Mama?" I'm like, "hmm. absolutely, but not your dad."  Then you went and asked the babysitter if she has boobies...and then whether or not there is milk inside...then you told her her stomach was big.  Oh gosh. 

I am not going to lie, Evie, the 3's have been difficult. There's been more "Stop what you are doing! Don't make me count to 3! It is dangerous! YOU NEED TO LISTEN" more than your dad and I had imagined. It seems to be this continuous test on boundaries throughout the whole day. We are learning to work with you as we go but take it easy on us every once in a while, alright?

Max, you are becoming a riot. It was somewhat shocking that my sweet sweet baby boy transformed into an opinionated and sometimes demanding little toddler.  You are coming into your own and the apple really doesn't fall far from the tree. You are stubborn and determined like your dad and I but in different ways than Evie.  You now protest if you don't get what you want or isn't given what you "asked" for.  You still enjoy reading and playing by yourself but you are becoming so much more interactive.  You loved the kitty cat dance party with your dad and your sister that other day. Watching you have a blast with your sister just makes my mama heart burst.

Life is so lively with the two of you. And I love it.




Po Chi Fung is a Ventura County Lifestyle Family and Newborn Photographer, also serving Ojai, Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Thousand Oaks, Oxnard, and other surrounding areas. She captures real-life moments with a documentary approach on film to tell your family's story.