Letters to our children | January

Recently, a fellow photographer mama posted about starting a blog circle called "Letters to our children."  I thought it would be a fun way to motivate myself to write down the things Evie and Max are doing and things I want to say to them each month.  And what a neat way to join in on a project with other individuals around the globe.  Ok, here goes.

My dearest children: Our lives are insane right now - there is a lot of work to do, mouths to feed, hugs to give, bottles to wash, lunch and snack boxes to pack, butts to wipe and really, not enough energy and moments of quietness for your father and I to gather our thoughts or watch our favorite shows on Netflix. We knew this first year would be kind of tough transitioning from a family of three to a family of four and it has been. But no matter what, every bit of this chaos and the everyday test of my sanity and patience, is all worth it. I can't imagine a life without the two of you and I am so excited for all our adventures to come. 

Evie - my crazy first born.  You are full of energy, wit, adventure, and stubbornness. You seem to embody all of the traits that I love about your father AND the combined stubbornness from he and I.  This thrills and terrifies me at the same time. You are observant, constantly asking questions and learning about your surroundings.  You are hilarious - you tell jokes and most of the time, with great comedic timing.  Just recently, you started having an imagination. I've loved hearing you pretend to be a cat and finding monsters in our sun room and can't wait to hear more about your pretend world. You know so much and speaks so clearly and thoughtfully that I forget that you're not even three yet...and so I often lose my patience when I can't seem to reason with you. I hope you'll forgive me! I'm learning to be your mom too and like all things, it takes time.  You love making up songs, pretending to take care of your baby boy doll (Boris) the way we take care of Max, eating most of the frosting from a cupcake and abandoning the rest, and worshiping your dad. I guess I don't blame you, he is pretty cool.

Max - my velcro baby.  You are sweet, snuggly, attentive, and I think (I so hope I am wrong) even more stubborn than your older sister.  You beam when you see me and crawls at maximum speed to climb onto my lap.  You sure know how to make your mama feel loved. You love your older sister even more and giggles hard whenever she does something bad! You've been pulling yourself up a ton and I wouldn't be surprised if you take your first steps within a month or two.  Your first winter at daycare meant multiple fevers within two weeks and a double ear infection.  You've handled it like a champ and all of it reminded me of how I want nothing more than for our family to be safe and healthy.  What I would give to make sure you and Evie were always healthy and safe. It is still too soon to know what kind of personality you'll have but I would guess that you're an introvert, someone who takes in a lot of things quietly, definitely determined, and one of those people who surprises others with what you know and can do because they didn't even know you were learning all this stuff to begin with!  Sometimes when crazy is happening, you seem to retreat to a corner and flips books or play with your toys quietly.  I think you and I are a lot alike in that respect.  So excited to see the trouble you and your sister will get into and to see how you'll chase after your own adventures and do what you want to do with such a strong presence around you!

I love you guys, forever and ever and ever and ever! - Mama

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*Po Chi Fung is a Washington DC and MD lifestyle and documentary family photographer serving Silver Spring, Takoma Park, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Rockville, and Potomac