Okay, I messed up.

So my photo a day challenge was a disaster since I only lasted one day.  Hmm, I am going to try again and maybe redeem myself this time because ICM is making fun of me.

Four photos before I say good bye to this very relaxing weekend (i.e. no home depot visits and we scored a glider for an awesome deal - yay!)

A photo from a fortune cookie factory in San Francisco, taken a while ago.

Something is kind of strange with the white balance (is it too yellowish you think?) but for some reason I still really like this photo...maybe it's because it's taken from my favorite farm stall in Glen Ellen and I miss it.

Our favorite room in the house is the sunroom - tons of windows, therefore, nice filtered light.  Just testing out the lighting in there for photographing :) Plus, these white mums were the last of the bouquet of flowers that ICM bought me last week!

Let's house I remember to put something up tomorrow, if not, I can blame it on pregnancy brain, right?