Happy Inauguration Day!

Yeah...I think I am just not up for that photo a day challenge...but it doesn't mean I shouldn't blog still right?  

Today is a special day since it is Martin Luther King, Jr Day as well as the second inauguration of President Obama!  We didn't go downtown since crowds aren't our thing but I am pretty excited about the next four years.  A lot of good things could be accomplished and I hope we get there.  I don't talk about politics often on this blog but really, regardless of which party, you should care about politics because it does matter, it affects every aspect of our every day life!  Anyhow, I think ICM and I will prepare ourselves for crowds for the next four years and go to the next inauguration since it would be so neat to bring our daughter!  

Speaking of our daughter, she is now a 32 weeks old fetus as of yesterday.  So much to do but so exciting.  The fact that she will be arriving soon is becoming more and more real to me and I can't wait to see what she looks like and what her personality is like.  Here are some maternity photos!