Thanksgiving in October!! That's right!

Yup! We had Thanksgiving in October last Saturday!!! And yes, we still have a lot of turkey left! Delicious :)  For reasons I cannot remember, I didn't have turkey for Thanksgiving last year.  So this year, when I realized that we would be in South Africa during Thanksgiving,  I decided that perhaps we could have Thanksgiving dinner early.  Thanks to good friends who love food and are open to strange suggestions, we pulled together an awesome Thanksgiving dinner:  brined turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, roasted winter vegetables, green beans with shallots and garlic, spinach salad, home made rolls, AND pumpkin pie!

It was my first time ever cooking a turkey and after a lot of research, I decided to brine it with water, salt, and herbs, both fresh and dry.  I was really nervous about overcooking, undercooking, and/or screwing it up somehow.  BUT I think it turned out pretty well and I was happy about it.  I am now a true believer in brining!

We did have a small incident where we thought we were roasting breast side up (even though I really wanted breastside down).  But because ICM apparently can't tell which side the breasts were, somehow it worked out to breastside down...yeah, don't ask.  The reason for roasting breastside down is so the juices would flow towards the breast and keep it moistened (since no one wants to eat super dry white meat)!  Overall, our turkey was moist and yummy! 

My dinner that night..well, first round :)

Oh yeah, and this is what happens after Thanksgiving dinner...even in October :)

I had made my own pie crust and pumpkin pie filling from scratch about a week ago...the crust sort of failed, so even though I had said I'd make the pie, I decided that the pie master (miss A) should.  And I am just in awe of this perfect pie crust that she made... it puts me to shame!

So lastly, since I like to blame ICM for both things that he should be blamed for and maybe things that he shouldn't, I decided to give him a shout out.  Apparently it is important that they get positive feedback every once in a while.  Because I threw such a huge/child-like fit about not being able to go to the pumpkin patch twice, he got me a baby pumpkin one day! AWWWW. 

Ice cream and dominoes. Good night.