My first WVU game!

I went to my first WVU game this past Saturday!  It was great spending time in the sun and playing with the 70-300 lens that ICM's mom is lending us for our big trip.  It was a beautiful day, everyone (except me) were decked out in full WVU gear and tailgating all day - they really have some very loyal fans.  I also got to see the Mountaineer (their mascot) receive a new musket from a generous alumni donation (see pictures below)!

Unfortunately, WVU lost to Louisville 35-38..Bummer.  Oh yeah, and the guy behind us was yelling/pretending he's the coach the whole game...Don't be that guy, ok?

Had a great weekend, hope you did too.

Here are some photos!

Oh yeah, I love Fall!

Bye Bye.