YAY for Pumpkin Patch!

I finally got to go to the pumpkin patch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were originally supposed to go yesterday but of course, it was raining and snowing the whole day!  It's not even November yet!  While DC and most Maryland areas didn't get any snow accumulation, on our drive to Homestead Farms, we saw some places that did...and even though it's kind of cold for October, I must admit that it was really pretty :)

Imagine my disappointment that we couldn't go two Saturdays in a row!  But luckily, it was a beautiful day today and after talking about it for weeks , we got our pumpkin!

The cow's name is Elmo.

The birds were too cute, so I cropped it for you to have a better look!

After very careful selection, we were down to two candidates!

And Mr. Pumpkin on the left won!

All right, so many things to update...

All these photos were taken with a 85mm 1.4D that I rented because I wanted to test the lens.  Loveeeeeeeee.

We are going to South Africa in 17 days!

We had a Thanksgiving dinner last night, pictures to come.  I cooked and brined my first turkey!

We are going to carve our pumpkin now.  Good night!!!