Let's catch up!


Yes, I have been slacking from my blogging!  It was nice to get a short break from classes and I definitely took advantage of it :) Two new classes start tomorrow, excited! Well guys, fall might be around the corner but summer is still here...perhaps not as humid but DC can still be mighty hot these days...which made me want a frozen margarita!!! Hence I've dubbed today as Margarita Monday! YAY!

Since it's been a while since I've blogged, let's catch up quickly...let's see.

1) An exciting announcement..a photo of mine is in Elle Decor!!!
(Sorry, not the best photos of the magazine...the glossy pages that I like so much makes it hard to photograph...
must figure it out.)

A photo I took for TROHV (DC Location, www.trohvshop.com) appears in the September 2011 issue of the Elle Decor magazine.  How did this happen you ask?  A while back when TROHV was about to open, I emailed and offered to photograph anything they needed because I loved their store so much and also so I can practice.  Months after that initial email, they wrote in April and asked if I had a wide angle lens and if I was available to take a couple of photographs of the store for a chance to appear in Elle Decor.  A special thanks to ICM for buying a wide angle lens with me!!!  Sometimes things work and it feels like it was meant to be - the day that they needed the photo done was basically the ONLY day that I could have done it that week as we were having the biggest work event of the year.  I was so excited and nervous about not doing a good job.  After an hour or so in the store I turned in a few photos knowing that there is a chance it might not make it but it didn't matter because it was such an enjoyable experience. Even after I found out it'd show up in the September issue, I made sure not to get too excited just in case they changed their minds.  Well, September is here...and the photo is in the magazine :)!  It's kind of neat to see a photo I took appear in print...but the most overwhelming feeling is really thankfulness for being given that opportunity.

It 's the one on the right hand side.  Page 86!

2) I still love coffee and latte art. 

The only place that I know you can get latte art around here is Peregrine Espresso in Eastern Market.  On a day to day basis, aside from wonderfully home brewed coffee, I always look forward to going to Caribou for an iced soy latte with one shot of caramel every Thursday.  YUM YUM YUM. Perfect for summer.

3) I love summer and Addie's birthday

I have been super loving the fresh peaches and tomatoes from the Farmer's Market.  I also love being able to grill out.  It's even more fun to grill when there's a special occasion!

Over the past weekend, ICM and I went to Oberlin, Ohio to celebrate his awesome grandma (Addie)'s 95th birthday and we enjoyed wonderful summer weather.  For her birthday, there's a tradition to grill out at a nearby state park - fresh peaches were brought, sweet corn grilled with basil and butter, burgers and healthy turkey hot dogs were grilled, and there were 2 cakes.  Happy Times!

4) Other news worthy items

  • I just cooked an awesome red curry noodle soup for dinner.
  • I did not post a photo on World Photography Day (August 19)...shame on me.
  • I have a couple of goals:
    • Have a pig roast party.
    • Have a Crawfish Boil party.
    • Exercise MORE!

I think this sums it up for now.  Good night!