Light Graffiti!


For my composition class' final project, we need to turn in 10 photos based on 10 different themes.  One of the themes is light graffiti.  Before this, I've heard about it a bunch and thought that it was really cool every time I came across a photo, however, I've never actually attempted it.  Well, today I finally did!!!  I've been wanting to try it the last couple of days but it was actually hard looking for a safe dark place, but today as I turned off all thing that could make my apartment hot (it's a heat wave in DC!), I realized my hallway was pitch dark, so wala!!!!

Here are some of my masterpieces...yeah, not really but I thought they turned out pretty cool :)

My tribute to what makes the world turn
Yeap, I did the newbie thing.  If you've looked at a lot of light graffiti photos, then you'll know what I mean! Half of them says "love" with hearts everywhere, HAHAHA.
Untitled. or 'boy in a small house" - you pick.
Last but not least, the series of photos that made me feel most like a 4 year old trying to draw...I so desperately wanted the ocean waves to be spaced closer together with fishes (and maybe even a whale one day) interspersed...but alas, FAILED...I will try it again when I don't feel so defeated haha.
 All photos shot at ISO 100, F/22, and Shutter Speed of somewhere between 20-30 seconds. 

 Next step, trying it outside!!!!