Crazy few days!

Yeap, after a crazy but rewarding few days, I am finally winding down and getting ready for the Memorial Day weekend!!! 

Before I leave to hang out by the river and drinking Ketel One (crossing my fingers), here are some photos from a while back when I was home in Los Angeles and visiting the LA Flower Mark.  I really wish we have something like that here...maybe there is but I just don't know...because it is awesome to be able to visit a flower wholesale and pick up beautiful flowers at a low cost.  Jen was such a trooper that day because we had gone somewhere that morning that was pretty disappointing (photography-wise) in Fullerton.  On a whim, I wanted to go to the flower mart in downtown LA to make myself feel better and on a whim, she drove me all the way there.  And yeap, more photos of flowers,  posting these are making me happier because I haven't had any luck finding pretty peonies to put in my apartment :(

Thanks for driving me to the Flower Mart and shooting with me!

Mutant flowers - I swear that's the exact color, I did not photoshop it!

All right, got to go.  Bye bye!