Happy Earth Day :)

Yup, today is Earth Day!  Usually I am really excited about Earth Day, but unfortunately, this year, I am feeling rather "blah" about it.  It has almost been 5 whole years since I graduated from Bren and 11 years since I first heard of and learned about the discipline "environmental science."  But when I think about the progress we've made the last couple of years with respect to environmental policy, I can't believe how little we've done even though we've learned so much scientifically.  A couple of years ago, I heard with my own years from a policy maker on the Hill who said, "well, why should I care about climate change? I don't have children, so I definitely won't have grandchildren...why should I sacrifice myself to protect the environment and the resources that I can't enjoy because I'll be dead by the time this really affects anyone?"
Yeap, WOW, what a jerk!!!

Apologies for the pessimism, but the great news is that there are tons of people who continue to work hard toward the advancement of science and many relentless souls who continue to fight the battles!!!  FIGHT ON!!!

This Earth Day weekend will be a gloomy one because of the rainy weather we are supposed to get here.  Thank goodness I spent a glorious afternoon outdoors last Sunday.  The sun was out and the weather was the best!!!  Taking advantage of the opportunity, I got to go to the National Arboretum!!  In addition to the beautiful plants that are now sprouting and in bloom, a visit was made to the Bonsai tree exhibit.  I loved the setting of the exhibit...bonsai trees were positioned nicely and I can just imagine that if there weren't that many people around, it could be such a tranquil and peaceful place to walk around.  Without further ado, here are photos from the National Arboretum.

See, I am super fair.  As you can see, photos with the {I.C.M.} watermark indicates that it was taken by I.C.M.  That's right, photo credits are muy importante!

In addition to the bonsai exhibit, there was a special Japanese Ikebana flower arrangement exhibit...here are 2 of my favorites:

Now it is Bonsai time!!!

And lastly, here is my most favorite photo from that day...

Happy Earth Day, everyone!!!  We should actually be thinking about our environment everyday and appreciate the resources its given us...but on this particular day, take a little longer and reflect on the impacts you've made on Mother Earth and the things we could do and do better to be a better person on this Earth..you've heard that speech so I am not going to keep going, so just do it!!