Cherry Blossoms in DC!

Cherry blossoms in bloom all around the tidal basin is something I look forward to every year since I've moved to Washington D.C.  And ever since I've gotten addicted to photography, I see photographing cherry blossoms as good practice for composition and lighting.  It'll be interesting to see how my photos change over the years as I learn more and more, hopefully it gets better!
Last Friday, I had my day off, so I got to go on a photo walk early afternoon.  The weather was gorgeous, sunny, no harsh light, though it was cold and windy, but who's complaining? It was an awesome day!  Cherry blossoms had not hit peak bloom yet that day, so there was hardly a crowd!!! You don't know how much I hate crowds!  

Without further ado, here are some pre-peak bloom photos from March 25!

The best part about cherry blossoms now is that there's someone who's actually willing to drag me out before sunrise to see and photograph them.  Last year, for the first time, I watched the sunrise from the tidal basin with cherry trees in full bloom all around us. That morning was also when I realized why photographers get up at wee hours in the morning to catch that bit of light.  However short that bit of light lasts, it is the most beautiful, the golden glow is unbeatable! 

So carrying on the tradition from last year, we went to watch the sunrise on the first day of peak bloom (March 29) with delicious coffee and breakfast in hand!   This is an aside, sorta...but while reading the Washington Post this morning, I came across the section on featured haiku(s) on the cherry blossoms festival this year.  So I decided that I could write one to describe my sunrise experience.  HAHAHAHAHA.  See how it follows the pattern of 5-7-5 syllables!!!

Back to the was dark when we got out there.  I really don't remember having to wake up that early last year.  This year the sun was to rise at ~6:55am.  And unlike last year when I was in a sweater and a skirt, this year was much colder!!!  Thank god I didn't put away my mittens and beanies yet.  (Credit for the beautiful bokeh photo of the highway goes to ICM)

 That's all the cherry blossom photos I've got for now!

Bali is next...I'm having a hard time getting them all uploaded..eek.