Letters to our Children | August


Good job me not missing my deadline!

Dear Kids,

It's been an insanely busy summer! We've been out of town two weekends in a row in August and your baba and I are still trying to recover and get the house in order. It's all worth it though! We visited Addie and spent her 100th birthday with her and the rest of the gang. I wish so much that I could put in a time capsule all the feelings I felt when we visited Addie.  Addie lives in a really neat community for the elderly and when she walked you guys around in her rolling walker, everyone looked and had this glow on their faces. It was pure joy and happiness that I think they felt watching two energetic and hilarious young children running around...likely thinking about their own grandchildren and remembering what it was like to have babies and toddlers during their lifetimes. It made me so happy that you guys brought a smile to their faces and even laughter. I saw an elderly man belly laugh when Max was banging on the window and pulling on the curtain of the dining room that we were in. Addie loves you guys so much and I hope by writing this down that it'll help provide you with some memories of her even after you guys are old. She told everyone she walked by that you guys were her legacy, her inheritance. She's a marvelous lady, I've never met anyone like her. Evie - that is why your middle name is named after her. 

Then we were with your Nonnie, so that we could be there for the dedication of a High school stadium press box that has your grandpa's name across it! He dedicated his life to his community and his spirit lives on brightly in all those who knew him..especially in his jokes. You can ask baba which ones he stole from him!

My peepsy peeps..you've been crazy. Evie, you are getting better and better at negotiating and debating. You and Max have started fighting over toys and my lap space! It's mostly Max getting upset that you're in my lap at all and then tries to push you out of the way. Max, you are starting to say some words like no (while frantically shaking your head), cheers, baba, mama, and agua (your favorite and first real word). You guys stress me out sometimes (ok, a lot) but are also the brightest spots in my day. I wish all day that I had more time with the two of you. Evie, I also know that we need to have more time together. I know that it is unfair sometimes when I am short with you or don't spend enough time with you, especially when Max is ultra grumpy and requires all my time. The guilt eats me up...but I know it'll improve over time!! I love you both so much.  And speaking of love. Your baba and I celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary!!!  We are all so lucky that he's in our lives. Can you imagine how boring it would be without him?? Who would be your mud monster and who would throw you guys in the lake?

It is hard to imagine how far we've come in just 4 years but I know how lucky we are and how lucky I am to have him support me, listen to me vent about ridiculously stupid things, and be there to make sure I didn't get in trouble. HA. We recently spent some time at the Confluence Resort where we got married and wanted to do some contrast photos to show you how much our family has grown! Alright, enjoy the photos. Love you!


*All wedding photos by Kristi Odom.

Evie stole my move!

Evie stole my move!


*Po Chi Fung is a Washington DC and MD lifestyle and documentary family photographer serving Silver Spring, Takoma Park, Bethesda, Chevy Chase, Rockville, and Potomac