Exactly a month, not bad right?

This post is dedicated to ICM and my friend, PYellin&Screamin for telling me how much my blog has been sucking lately.  I'll admit, it's definitely been sucking...I know that nothing can make up for lost time but I am at least trying today.  Lately, regular life has been derailed with planning for a wedding - who knew there could be 8000 tasks and decisions associated with one big party??  I'm looking forward to having everybody get together and seeing how all these little pieces are going to come together, but I'll admit that I ask myself this following question a lot, "should we have just eloped and gone traveling???"  The more tasks that accumulate, the more I have been day dreaming about going somewhere and traveling...and the more I have been missing South Africa!  Ahh.  Some photos now...

The photo below was taken at Il de Pain, a bakery that I was obsessed with over there.  In this photo they are making the World's best apple strudel EVER.  Trust me.

 Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden - stunning garden.  Wish I got to spend more time there, read a book and maybe drink a thermos of earl grey! Unfortunately, the super-winding road from our cottage to the garden scared me shitless, so I drove super slow and got there much later than I expected.  Many apologies to the locals who drove behind me...though I am not thattt sorry since you guys honked incessantly.

 Here's ICM with his friend at Radical Raptors (somewhere along the Garden Route).  Radical Raptors is a raptor rehab and awareness center.  I'll admit that it is super cool, please go support it if you are ever in the area.  Amazingly smart animals.

 Kruger National Park - I miss the freedom and adventure!!!

 Cape Town - I think this was taken somewhere close to Chapman's Peak.

Bye bye for now.