March Madness Continues!

Not going to lie, March is kind of crazy.  It's been a longggg time since I've had to budget my time hour by hour every single day in order to get everything done...and really, not everything either.  What's the deal with that?!  I told myself that after March I'd get a small break, which means I get to work on our South Africa photos and all the portrait sessions that I've shot for school! YAY.

Instead of complaining, I am going to share some photos from ICM and my weekend trip to Philadelphia back in February.  I consider this our trip for Valentine's Day and it was great - we relaxed, watched TV, ate, and drank.  Thanks to my awesome friend A.Ma and his wonderful fiancee for lending us their cozy apartment!!!

A gloomy Philly Cityscape

After we settled down, we headed down to the Italian Market!!! Originally we wanted to have brunch at Sabrina's but it was a 45 minute wait and we were STARVING.  Asked some guy on the street where we should eat and he pointed us to George's Sandwich Shop.  We both got the roast beef hot sandwich and it was delicious!!  After that, we stopped by an Italian bakery and pigged out :)  We did try to burn some calories by walking through the Magic Garden - pretty cool. 

He ate all my pastries! Every time I look at this photo, the Batman theme song starts playing in my head.

At the Magic Garden

Self-timer - yeah, he's laughing at me..

One of my most favorite part of the trip, aside from the quality relaxing time we got to spend together is the fact that ICM was pretty willing to let me go on eating marathons.  On our only night there, we went to the Graffiti Bar, then went to Yakitori boy for yakitories, then we went to Monks.  ICM was a trooper as we stood around in a crowded area for a good half hour guarding two people at the bar before we got their seats :)  

The morning we left, we went to a great brunch place (can't remember the name...).  Then we went to the Village Whiskey for a drink and a burger before hopping back on the bus to head back to DC!  Village Whiskey is SO GOOD.  Their burgers are amazing...I also had a really good cider...and DUCK FAT FRIES, ta-daaaaaaaaa. Oh yeah, and I also love their decor - simple but kind of old school rustic.  It will one of my to-eats every time I go to Philly from now on.

Alright, I might disappear for another half a month.  Be back in a bit I guess :)