Cherry Blossoms!

First off, thank you strange weather in DC!!!  If it wasn't for your unusually warm days, then ICM and I wouldn't have been able to keep our tradition in going to see cherry blossoms at sunrise.  :)  Our third year!

Peak bloom is scheduled for March 18th this year but it is already really pretty down at the Tidal Basin.  Having been in DC for 5 years now, cherry blossoms still haven't gotten old, they are just so beautiful.  Weather wise - we were definitely unprepared.  Thinking that summer has hit us, we wore summer clothes for the most part and we were freezing!  Who can decide what's proper attire when woken up at 4:45am?  We got there around 6am, saw the sky lit up 7ish - noticed that it is completely foggy/hazy and realized that there will be no "real sunrise," walked around quickly and left because we were so cold. HAHA.  Note to self:  Always bring an extra sweatshirt!!!

Some photographs from one of my favorite days of the year.

Hopefully I'll find time to go back and see them while they're at peak bloom!  The crowds can be kind of scary though..hmm.