I am a hypochondriac?...and more.

Lately, I've been feeling somewhat like a hypochondriac.  Do you ever feel that way?  Let me tell you, having the internet, health forums, and websites like the WebMD, and the fact that my primary care doctor sucks (which makes me not want to go to the Doctor), has led me to make pretty ridiculous assumptions about my health...all based upon pretty generic search terms like swollen lymph nodes and a cough.  For a while I was convinced that I had lymphoma.  Luckily, I was and am comforted by the fact that the swollen lymph nodes were tender and had appeared suddenly.  If it was cancer, then it would have been more gradual and hard...that's what WebMD said!  So scratch cancer, what about lung issues, why won't my cough go away, etc!?? And it goes on. 

Even though I am almost certain it's not something terminal and that swollen lymph nodes are a sign that your body is fighting back, I will honestly admit that thoughts like "oh crap, am I going to die?" or "oh no, there are so many things I haven't done" have crossed my mind.  Ridiculous I know and I plan on getting it checked out by a professional.  But all in all, what I learned was that while I used to think that I wasn't afraid of dying,  I realized that I am.  Maybe when I am older I won't be...but right now, very much so.  While I've always had an appreciation and admiration of the strength of people who are/have been fighting their illnesses, through my self imposed experience, I gained an even greater appreciation. 

Anyways, just a bunch of random thoughts.

It's been cold here in DC and the metro definitely isn't helping.  Came across this and somehow it really appealed to me..

Oh yeah kiddies, T-Minus 5 days till we leave for South Africa!  So excited to explore and experience a beautiful country with one of the biggest reasons of why I wouldn't want to die any time soon! :)