I'd like to get on a plane to go somewhere, NOW!

I am day dreaming about getting away and am missing Thailand.  The food, the temples!  I haven't really gotten around to posting photos from Chiang Mai and thought I'd share a couple now.  I am SO SAD that I didn't learn to shoot RAW all the time till after my February trip.  Can't wait till my upcoming vacation in November!!!

Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai is okay fun....but Warorot Market is the true GEM!!!  My favorite place in all of Chiang Mai, where a lot of the locals hung out...amazing food!!!

Coconut slushy, YUMMMM.

My trip to Chiang Mai was about 50% food and 50% temples...and like its cuisine, Chiang Mai's temples and statues were all breathtaking...

 Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh...I want to go nowwwwww.