Short answer is: You embrace your chaos, you know that you'll miss it one day, and you want it documented beautifully.

Here's the long answer: I'd also really love that it was because you love my work and want photographs like these. Because if not, that's a giant bummer for me and more searching for you as there are so many photographers to choose from!

And let's say you are at the right place, then I want to tell you a little bit more about why I do what I do and what I don't do.

I do what I do because it terrifies me that I might forget what my baby boy's baby curls look like while he still has them, the chubby thighs, the sheepish grins, the way they drape over me when I am holding and cuddling my babies, their tippy toes trying to snatch something off of our counters, the way they giggle with one another, the proud look on my daughter's face after she has a good round of bicycling, the way they look at my husband and I, and the way we look...pure bliss (ok fine..sometimes horror) on our faces.

As much as I love a good everyone-looking-in-the-camera portrait (and I always dedicate a small portion of time to get you that photo), I know the photographs of all the little details and interactions are the ones I will treasure most as they grow. Those are the ones I know will make my heart skip a beat or make me hold my breath because it will remind me of what our lives were like then. Those are the ones I know they will love most one day even after I am long gone. I want photos that are beyond photos of just faces, I want photos that tell me about the people in them and what their lives were all about. 

As hard as raising a family is, it is what I treasure most and what I want to remember most.

I will photograph your family the way I photograph mine..and in a painless way.

No cheesing, no posing, no forcing your children to stand still with their fake smile. 

You guys just need to be yourself and have fun and I'll do the rest. Promise.